Lights, Camera…….

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Quickie

Pills to numb the pain
The wheezing in my lungs to remind me of the rage
Nobody cares about the outcome, wise enough to want to play the game
Smiles for the camera, hope I didn’t forget to wave
Its a facade that I hope cuts through the bullshit
Sticks and stones, fall from graces, internal bleeds – but appearances to keep
No more falling apart. The sky fell, but guess who’s going to be on his feet
Smiles for the camera, but what’s with the flashes
The inevitable pounces with unexpected blows, but they’re taken in strides
Lies become truths, its a wonder how time flies
I hope in the end there’s solace in the paradise we so seek
No more expecting the future to be bleak…

Lazy Assed Magician.


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