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Silver Lining………

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Quickie

When it gets too dark to see, i am the push to put one foot in front of the other, to take it one step at a time.
When all seems to be lost, i am that part of you that is looking for a silver lining.
I am the one, when things seem too difficult to continue, that is reminding you not to give up. Telling you that winners never quit.
I am the reason to smile when nothing is going your way, reiterating that what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.
I am the reason to be optimistic when the glass is clearly empty.
I am why you are searching for love in a world filled with hate.
I am the one giving you a reason to live when the world gets too cold, it has been said that where there is life, there’s me…
I am the inspiration behind the leaps of faith that you take. And also the one cushioning the blow whenever you do fall.
I am the one showing you the little perfections in this imperfect world.
In this life full of reasons to be sad, do not worry and be happy, because i am in you. In everybody.
I AM HOPE………..


Lettre A Mort……..

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Quickie

 Dear Mr. G. Reaper,

There are a lot of things I would like to ask you, a shitload that I’m dying to know. But the wiser part of me thinks that I probably shouldn’t, saying that what lies at the end of this rabbit hole might just be more darkness. That the answers might be too daunting to grasp. But really, how blissful is ignorance?

So if you’re out there, I’m writing this to you-with no return address…

First of all, how is one’s life span calculated and who holds that timetable and how much time is left on mine? Because many times I wonder about time I’ve wasted doing nothing, just hanging on to life. Barely living.¬†

Does that count for something? 

And when I’ve used up all my time and you come for me, will I be ready? Maybe you can tell me how I would go and if there is any making peace with it. Or will I just be lying there in my own faeces, scared shitless?¬†

In any case, I have just one request; that you make it as quick and painless as can possibly be. That being said, maybe don’t take me in my sleep…

I gotta ask, what comes next? Is there any “resting in peace” or is it pitch black nothingness and oblivion or does the soul live on to endure eternal torment? Is it the end of time for me or do I get extra-time in the afterlife? And if there is an afterlife, are we still presented with the illusion of free-will or do we actually make our decisions? And if we make our own choices, how does the butterfly-effect work on the other side?…

I have many questions still but I get the feeling that if you’re reading this, it may become a burden if I continued. But I need to ask; who do you work for? Is it the big man upstairs or the infamous arch-villain down below or are you just a gun-for-hire at both’s beck and call with no real loyalty to either? Either way I’ve gotta say; you’re scary efficient at your job and your employer(s) must be real proud…

Well, in conclusion, Mr Grimm, I’m writing this simply because I’m curious-much like I would imagine everybody is-I just hope it reaches you in time, before I’ve run out of time. So you can maybe grant my one request when about when it is my time….