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A Christmas Story……..

Posted: December 25, 2015 in Quickie

Baby Chris was 6 months and 11 days when he died,
He never got to see his first Christmas.
All Mary and Joe did on the day was cry,
What a happy day to be sad.

Mary thought Chris would look perfect in the cute little green hat.
Joe was going to take the best pictures of Chris under the tree.
They thought they we’re going to be happy because they hadn’t been bad,
Apparently Santa just didn’t agree.

They sobbed to the sound of silence,
As they sang their song of sadness.
Baby Chris was the joy to their world, 
And now they despaired for he is no more.

Mary and Joe hadn’t time to take down the decorations,
So their home looked a celebration.
Nobody came by the the house, there wasn’t any gold, frankeneses, pebble or stone,
So Mary and Joe spent Christmas all alone.