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Summer 🎆…

Posted: May 21, 2016 in Quickie

Its time for summer time sadness
Its time for Sunday mornings spent dreaming
Its time for waking up feeling kinda sad
Its the time for the lonely

The days don’t feel long enough for living
Its a task too daunting to finish
Its time to give up the thought process
Its the time for getting lost

What’s an evolution in stagnancy?
Running a race without legs
Its a time already lived through
Its the time for déjà vu

Its time for chain-smoking
Its time for feeling stifled
Its time for broken promises
Its the time to search for meaning


This feeling of dejection Isn’t of guilt, I’ve grown past that; This feeling is of fatigue And frustration at myself. Somehow I haven’t progressed Like the rest of the world, it seems To come so effortlessly to everyone Else but me, it’s pure instinct and nature But it’s so alien to me, a sweet fantasy; […]

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