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Another Jibber Jabber………

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Quickie

Its a wonder why we hang on to the present, when everything ends.
Maybe its the memories that get us hooked… only for them to fade.
Everybody wants to linger in the past, but I wouldn’t dare.
My demons lurk in the shadows, playing angels’ game.
Its a time I would love to remain in, that is better left.
The past and present are one and the same these days.
Lucidity is a rarity.
I may be exaggerating the severity.
But in a world where all I’ve got is time, I guess its the eventuality.
Time flies, but I’m stuck on every second.
That’s not me living in the moment, because everything sounds the same when you’re listening to a broken record.

I guess this is just my ‘crude’ way of saying that I’m losing my mind from being every bored.
And this post is as result of too much time on my hands. “…what can I say? Intense boredom really makes you see things in perspective…”
Word to my nigga, The Sphinx. Lol
Okay, enough rambling.. “everything comes to an end”.. Even this…

And to those of you that would read this, my most sincere apologies….

Lazy Assed Magician.