City of Glass Houses

Posted: June 3, 2015 in Quickie

The streets are never empty, I’m just another face in the
      crowd to be ignored.
      Nobody stops walking.
      The people move about, taking purposeful strides.
      The only time anyone stops is to turn around.
      The stolen glances are all I need.
      The houses all have transparent windows. 
      Everything is for sale.
      But nothing at all comes cheap.
      Take a right and then a left to the grocery store…
      They carry their bags and push their carts on their way out
      of the city.
      And those who leave empty handed kinda have no
      I’ll smile at those who smile at me, I’ll take your flyers
      and I’ll buy your furniture.
      But I’m not a part of you.
      You’re too rich for my blood, Big City Mall.
      I’m just passing through. 
      I’ll come back tomorrow and give you more parts of me…


The invasion…..

Posted: June 2, 2015 in Quickie

It’s almost like a movement.
The girls with their boys on the Merry go rounds..
So that when you turn around, you feel like you are being stalked…
As much as a situation haunts you….
It is most certainly chaos……
The pesky kid with the shoes that have tires…….
The boys with their identical haircut……..
The space that cannot be found when all she needs is to talk………
It’s all pixelated………..
What’s another pretty face in the sea of eyes, lips and hair?………..
The minutes spent waiting for the end of time………….

The Wheel of Time…

Posted: March 29, 2015 in Quickie

We think only of the future,
Look at the man pushing his cart, hating life but not exactly loving death…

Nobody can get anywhere without thinking where they are isn’t where they’re supposed to be.
So we live each day looking to tomorrow,
Because we truly believe that we are not meant for today.
Today is never enough,
But nobody can really make it to tomorrow.
Tomorrow is a mirage…
There’s always tomorrow.
There isn’t enough tomorrows in this lifetime to satisfy a man,
I guess that’s why we all have to die…
To put an end to the never-ending wait for tomorrow.
To put us out of our miseries.
But we do not see it that way,
For we do everything in our power and beyond to stay alive,
To see one more tomorrow.
‘I cannot die today!’ we say.
So we keep on fighting the uphill battle against the inevitable
A battle everybody loses.

As artists we think we’ve found a backdoor,
A loophole
A way to stay alive forever…
So we write or paint or sing or draw or even kill…. and hope we’ve created a new life
One that can stand the test of time,
One that’ll see many more tomorrows.
We hope that, though we die,
And our bodies wither away,
And memories of us are prone to fade.
Our art would live on forever,
We hope that through our art… we are made immortal.

“The power of imagination makes us infinite”


Posted: October 24, 2014 in Quickie

I stare at trees all day.

I watch every single leaf as they touch the ground.

They sway to whatever rhythm the wind plays,

And it’s starting to make me sick.

The beauty of nature,

The stench of fresh air,

The sight of life.

And I’m stuck in my cell.

I stare at people and I don’t look away.

Why do they all look the same?

I watch their lips move,

I try to make out what they’re saying.

They’re so bloody normal.

And it makes me sick.

Lovers and friends,

The intricacies of networking.

I try to play my part,

But I’m locked in my head.

I’m stuck in traffic,

I see all the cars stand still.

I’m lost in the ever growing crowd

‘Why don’t we just crash?’

I ask,

But for no reply.

The painful aroma therapy,

Dying limbs.

I’m coming home,

But I’m trapped in this bus.

The walks in the sun,

the nights spent shivering.

The sickening feeling from the swing,

pills to keep the peace

It’s not really up to me,

is it?

… how many more days till Saturday?…

What Lesson?…………

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Quickie

‘Nobody is perfect,’ they said,

‘Life is full of ups and downs,’ the script read.

‘Take a moment to ponder before your first steps,’

A second too long and there’s no time left…

On a journey with two companions,

At what point did they become chaperons?

I was misled by success,

Before i was driven off the edge by the reality that is disappointment…

Don’t tell me that ‘it’s how life is’,

I’ve lived and I need a way back to sanity.

Prescribed abuses, poisonous waters and eerie clouds; anything to keep rampaging thoughts at bay.

Whatever happens, at least I was a part of the craze…

It all happens the way it should,

All’s well even if it does not end well.

‘Hit the floor and pick yourself back up, but only if you would’,

‘Life is choices’ is all I was told, but nobody taught me how to make them well…

   I made it to class, but not in time for the lesson. Took a great fall to attract all the attention. I had no idea what it cost, but I paid the price anyway – I wish I knew what for though. ‘What did you learn from all of this?’ was the question on the test I failed…

Luke and Jane… 1

Posted: July 20, 2014 in Quickie

Chapter one:

“Isn’t it great, Luke? Isn’t love just really great” Jane said with a deep, deep smile.
“I never imagined I could feel such a terrifying joy!” Luke hated the words as they came out of his mouth. But he knew he meant them.

“But I’m scared, Luke” her smile disappeared “what if it changes. What if it all changes”
He had the same fears, “I’m not going to change, babe. And I don’t want you to change either” he held her in his arms.
“These things happen, you know? People change” her face was pressed softly against his skinny chest, she could smell him. “I don’t want to change either but no one ever means to. Its the road to hell” her voice was soft but there was a force to it, like an innocent child made to grow up by the cruelty of life.
Luke sighed, “its gonna be fine” he stroked her hair and stared at wall. I wonder if I sounded convincing.

Chapter two:

“You know, I really don’t see what the big deal is” a lot left unsaid, but her face was not so discreet. “I don’t think I said anything incorrect”
Luke knew she truly believed that she had never said anything more frank. And she was nothing, if not frank.
“Really, Jane?” He rubbed his temple to keep his thoughts at bay. “When does your show end, huh? Does another act ever come on?”
“I don’t know what you’re getting at”
“Am I crazy?”
“No one says you’re crazy. You’re just so damn dramatic. Honestly, this should never had even been a thing. You’re the one that’s the hoarder, why do you always make that my problem?”
“Jane!” Fists clenched. Looming outrage.
“What?” She waited a few seconds for a reply then she picked up a magazine and just flipped, slowly, through the pages.

Moments and a few deep breaths later, Luke says “I don’t get you, Jane.”

Chapter three:

Shit! Are you really going to exaggerate this whole thing? Jane, I was just telling you how I felt!” Regret made Luke’s heart sink. “Its been six years! We have Molly”
“I wish you wouldn’t bring our daughter into this, Luke.” Jane said as she folded a shirt and continued packing. “And I know its be six years” she threw her hands in the air, “Its been six fucking years! Perhaps, I should have done this sooner” she walked around the bed and lit a cigarette.
“But we love each other!” Every word laboured, Luke couldn’t quite bare the weight of his own heart pounding against his chest.
“Its not enough anymore.” She left a print of her lips, in dark purple, on the butt of her cigarette.
“What?” He rubbed his temple, he was breaking. “Isn’t it great, Jane? Isn’t love just really great?” Luke walked across the room to where Jane was standing now and took her hand, “Didn’t you mean that?” He ached.
“I don’t know anymore.” A pair of lonely tears rolled down her cheeks. She ached too.

Chapter four:

Luke smiled with his friends. He has all but mastered ‘the art of conjuring smiles‘. It was a year and a half after Luke’s wife asked for a divorce, he was moving on. He was starting to convince himself of it too.
Today, however, she standing just a few feet from him. Months of training, building a facade that is now threatening to crumble like a poorly constructed house of cards.
She turned and saw him and smiled. Luke held his breath for what seemed like a very long time. Finally he exhaled, and he started toward where Jane was standing with her friends, chewing his lip and fidgeting every step. What the hell am I going to say?
“Hey, Luke.” Jane said smiling when he arrived.
“Hey, Jane.” Hey, that sounded firm! Luke made a mental note to himself. They hugged.
“I always wondered how it was going to be when today finally happened.” She shrugged, “Eh, not as awkward as I had anticipated!” She was playful.
“It could be way more awkward, couldn’t it?” He shifted, nervously. “I could have come here professing my undying love for you, begging for you to take me back, right?!” He was attempting to be funny, “Hey,” he chuckled uneasily, “The night’s still young. Am I right?” I am probably not going to be a comedian, then.
“Its better this way, Luke. We’re not as miserable as we were when we were together. Or at least, I don’t think.” She contemplated for a moment.
She looks really good, Luke thought to himself.
“I just honestly believe that its better this way.”
“I guess.”
“Come get a drink with me, Luke.” She smiled and took his hand.
“Okay.” He said and she led him away from her friends and all the faces in the bar to a table…

… To be continued… Or not…

…the constant battle between light and dark, the favourite is clearly losing,
Drops of rain to signify dominance-
Sparse allowances to bask in.
“Hindrances” barely scratches the surface-
Buried turmoil resurrected.
Unexpected appearances of upside-down smiles.
Unanswered questions and awkward silences.
Annoyance at every innocuous statement and action-
An overload of the infection, “what’s the cure for resentment?”
Family ties; a comfortable noose.
Time; a mirage of boredom and over-thinking-
A longing for affection and support from the one you love.
Discovery of a distasteful history: your friends don’t think much of you.
Social awkwardness; a trait loathed by the one you seek validation from the most.
Bruised knuckles and misty eyes-
The fire that burns; red hot self-antipathy-
A true masochist; constant visitation of a distorted viscera-
Workout sessions for the outward appearance…

“Yo! Hope you’re good, man?”
“Yeah, my nigga. I’m fine”…

Lazy Assed Magician