Ramblings of A fRaCtUrEd mind…

Posted: November 13, 2015 in Quickie

This whole thing is pointless…

I should have know better
than to get involved
I should have stayed farther away.

Don’t call me stupid, because, well, the truth hurts…

I put my neck on the chopping block… and got stabbed in the chest
Somebody should have told me that I’m just a joke.
I’m choking on the blood in my lungs
trying to band aid the whole in my chest
trying not to laugh
Why ruin a perfectly good nightmare?…

My heart says I need pain to be happy;
Ridiculous thoughts of a fractured mind.

I’m telling a story that never ends
I’m living in one single moment.
A hazy time loop
A mirage of tomorrow.
I’m doing a very poor job at living…

A villain, and
a coward.
Maybe I’m too ashamed to see
Maybe ‘they’ were always right
Maybe the rest of the world are the sane ones after all…

Stay away,
I’m what’s wrong with you

You think you need to save me, that
all I need to do is see myself through your own eyes

But who’s going to save you?
From me…

Its better this way….


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