Wounded Bird: what to do…..

Posted: October 27, 2015 in Quickie

Too many different people say the same things; that I should be grateful, that I have it better than most. I hear a story and think ‘damn that’s rough’ I don’t think ‘I know somebody who has it worse’.
The only three things on my to do list in life are; to live, learn and grow. To become better. Because I’ve had it with being bad.
Poems make me sad. But the fact that it makes me feel is everything to me. Pain gets old, you become numb to it after a while.
So for an identity, I’ve chosen a poet. Because poets are really just cowards. Because poets aren’t as truthful as they would like you believe. Because poets just want to feel understood or maybe even loved…


What do you want with a broken bird?
One that never learned to fly
Or maybe never had the courage to try.
Before you think to say a word
Before you ask it why?
Before you say ‘reach for the sky’
Before you ask about a girl…
Smile and tell it everything would be okay
That the world is probably not going to end today
And right before you get carried away
Put it down, and walk away…


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