City of Glass Houses

Posted: June 3, 2015 in Quickie

The streets are never empty, I’m just another face in the
      crowd to be ignored.
      Nobody stops walking.
      The people move about, taking purposeful strides.
      The only time anyone stops is to turn around.
      The stolen glances are all I need.
      The houses all have transparent windows. 
      Everything is for sale.
      But nothing at all comes cheap.
      Take a right and then a left to the grocery store…
      They carry their bags and push their carts on their way out
      of the city.
      And those who leave empty handed kinda have no
      I’ll smile at those who smile at me, I’ll take your flyers
      and I’ll buy your furniture.
      But I’m not a part of you.
      You’re too rich for my blood, Big City Mall.
      I’m just passing through. 
      I’ll come back tomorrow and give you more parts of me…


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