The Wheel of Time…

Posted: March 29, 2015 in Quickie

We think only of the future,
Look at the man pushing his cart, hating life but not exactly loving death…

Nobody can get anywhere without thinking where they are isn’t where they’re supposed to be.
So we live each day looking to tomorrow,
Because we truly believe that we are not meant for today.
Today is never enough,
But nobody can really make it to tomorrow.
Tomorrow is a mirage…
There’s always tomorrow.
There isn’t enough tomorrows in this lifetime to satisfy a man,
I guess that’s why we all have to die…
To put an end to the never-ending wait for tomorrow.
To put us out of our miseries.
But we do not see it that way,
For we do everything in our power and beyond to stay alive,
To see one more tomorrow.
‘I cannot die today!’ we say.
So we keep on fighting the uphill battle against the inevitable
A battle everybody loses.

As artists we think we’ve found a backdoor,
A loophole
A way to stay alive forever…
So we write or paint or sing or draw or even kill…. and hope we’ve created a new life
One that can stand the test of time,
One that’ll see many more tomorrows.
We hope that, though we die,
And our bodies wither away,
And memories of us are prone to fade.
Our art would live on forever,
We hope that through our art… we are made immortal.

“The power of imagination makes us infinite”

  1. morjie says:

    Lovely! 😘


  2. Ufy says:

    Wow!!! Awesome!!


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