What Lesson?…………

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Quickie

‘Nobody is perfect,’ they said,

‘Life is full of ups and downs,’ the script read.

‘Take a moment to ponder before your first steps,’

A second too long and there’s no time left…

On a journey with two companions,

At what point did they become chaperons?

I was misled by success,

Before i was driven off the edge by the reality that is disappointment…

Don’t tell me that ‘it’s how life is’,

I’ve lived and I need a way back to sanity.

Prescribed abuses, poisonous waters and eerie clouds; anything to keep rampaging thoughts at bay.

Whatever happens, at least I was a part of the craze…

It all happens the way it should,

All’s well even if it does not end well.

‘Hit the floor and pick yourself back up, but only if you would’,

‘Life is choices’ is all I was told, but nobody taught me how to make them well…

   I made it to class, but not in time for the lesson. Took a great fall to attract all the attention. I had no idea what it cost, but I paid the price anyway – I wish I knew what for though. ‘What did you learn from all of this?’ was the question on the test I failed…


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