“I’m fine, really”……….

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Sentiments

…the constant battle between light and dark, the favourite is clearly losing,
Drops of rain to signify dominance-
Sparse allowances to bask in.
“Hindrances” barely scratches the surface-
Buried turmoil resurrected.
Unexpected appearances of upside-down smiles.
Unanswered questions and awkward silences.
Annoyance at every innocuous statement and action-
An overload of the infection, “what’s the cure for resentment?”
Family ties; a comfortable noose.
Time; a mirage of boredom and over-thinking-
A longing for affection and support from the one you love.
Discovery of a distasteful history: your friends don’t think much of you.
Social awkwardness; a trait loathed by the one you seek validation from the most.
Bruised knuckles and misty eyes-
The fire that burns; red hot self-antipathy-
A true masochist; constant visitation of a distorted viscera-
Workout sessions for the outward appearance…

“Yo! Hope you’re good, man?”
“Yeah, my nigga. I’m fine”…

Lazy Assed Magician

  1. Ms. Oyaghire says:

    You are soo weird. Nice piece.


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