Life In Colour…..

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Quickie

 Think of life as a movie

A drama in which you don’t know what role you’re going to play


In this movie;

Some say “time waits for no one”

Many say “success will come to the slow and steady one”

Some think that you have to go out and get what you want to own

Others believe “the patient dog will eat the fattest bone”

To some failure is a choice. To a few failure is not even a option

Some would fight against the current, while others go through the motions

Some people learn from their mistakes

To some mistakes are too beneath them to make


Forget about what phase you are in and focus on the responsibility of the role you are playing

You might end up with riches, or impoverished

You could be prominent, but there’s also a chance you’ll be just a filthy peasant

You might be a princess or her servant

You could be the good or bad guy; give or get a black eye


Don’t worry about the details, just think of God as the director

Earth the set, and you an actor

And do all you can to play your part right

So when the director yells “cut!” You’ll be alright…..Image


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