The Prodigal Son………

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Quickie

Dear mum,

First I’d like to say that I love you more than you know
Even though this is something that I seldom show 
You have to understand that I’m just a kid that needs to grow
Maybe someday you can forgive me for all the emotional upheaval I’ve caused you- I hope
I know I’ve grown more distant than ever and that is all on me
You said you still love me and that no matter what it’s on you that I should lean 
But I can’t help but feel that maybe I’m becoming just a tad bit too heavy 
And God knows that I would hate to on top of everything be a burden 
My own choices have led to My mistakes, why should you be the one to suffer?
You have given me everything and I have nothing to offer 
You said “we all need someone” and I don’t differ 
But I’ve been thinking lately, maybe if I was never in your life you’d be better off 
I’m just a selfish immature boy that likes to act tough 
And I wonder why, because I know you know exactly what I’m made of 
I know I should tell you this to your face but your son is a coward 
And really lost, cannot tell which way is forward 
So I’m putting this out there, hoping that you read my blog, you’ve always known that I might not say much but I think a lot 
I might not know a great deal of things but I know that I love you more that I do myself 
Please pray for me that on this journey that I don’t lose myself
I opted to do this alone and this is a decision that I rue myself 
But I never meant to become the prodigal son that I have turned out to be 
But when I do finally make my way back home, I don’t want a feast, I only want you still love me…..
                                                                                                   You son,

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