On Lonely Waters……..

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Quickie

 Nobody said it would be easy, at least that’s what I’m told

But nobody gave me a heads up about how hard it would be though

On life’s stormy ocean, getting rocked back and forth- I might drown if I let go of the boat

It might be a bumpy sail, but I’d rather stay afloat

And ride the storm out to see where the water flows- hoping it would bring me to shore…


But its been a long ass journey and I’m wondering, where? If there is an end

I’m just a lonely sailor, nearing my wits’ end

On stranger tides, hoping to make a friend

But all I get are sharks in the water trying to pretend

But I know them for what they truly are- I’ve watched animal planet…


But on the other hand

I may be scared of making it to dry land

What if I get there and it is all bland?

Or the part of me that has become accustomed to the water doesn’t like the sand


What if I don’t fit in?…


Maybe I am not an inconvenience, but what if nobody needs me?

Like a ghost, what if nobody hears or sees me?

Then I’d be just as alone as I am on the open sea…


So for now, these waves have begun to feel like home, and who’s to say that it isn’t?


The sun is setting and I cannot help thinking

Maybe tonight is the night I sleep with the fishes

It would have been one hell of a cruise if it is, in the company of myself- needing nobody from start to finish…….


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