All That Veil…

Posted: July 7, 2013 in Quickie

 Take it all off and show your true face..

Do u even remember what you look like without all that adornment? 
Who do you see when u look in the mirror?
Is it the same person that you tell and try to show to the world that you are?
You bat you eyelashes, but not so much because we don’t want that coming off.
You have a constant blush, and I wonder what is so embarrassing..
I could see your real face when I watched you sleep; without all d makeup on, I could see what sometime I forget you look like. 
And when you woke up I could look into your eyes and I could see it owner. 
But on your way out that light I could see in your eyes had been covered by too much eye shadow. 
What are you trying to build on a foundation that can be washed away?
The red lipstick on your lips remind me though of that fire that you possess, but those blue contacts? What the heck is your identity?
The push up bra you where makes it hard to see your heart, but I’ll stare long enough to give me a 6 inch boner, but your 6 inch heels knock me down. 
Why have you got your face all covered?
Who are you trying to hide?
Open the blinds to the window to your soul and then take a peek, you just might like what you see. 
I’m not trying to judge or anything, I just want to see what you have hidden behind all that veil………. 

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